9 Essential Oils for Healthy Natural Hair

9 Essential Oils for Healthy Natural Hair

Published by Hairobics All Natural on 7th Oct 2018

Everyone desires healthy luscious hair that is easy to maintain. In order to achieve that, many different types of hair care product are tried; whether homemade recipes or commercialized products. Individuals would consider the best of hair oil recipes to keep the essential oils required for healthy hair that is elusive with harsh weather and poor management styles.

Keeping Healthy with Essential Oils

Essential oil is highly noted for healthy hair after intensive research on good hair growth and maintenance. It is applied on hair regularly to encourage strong hair roots, prevent hair loss and control dandruff. Different types of essential oils are applied onto hair for different effects depending on the type of skin and hair an individual has.

Essential oils are not only applied to promote good hair growth, but also to encourage healthy skin and nails. These oils are usually extracted from plants with certain benefits to enhance general health.

Simple essential oils are applied regularly in many established beauty regimes to encourage good hair growth with a simple dilution in a carrier oil such as vegetable oil, nut oil or extra virgin olive oil.

1) Tea Tree Oil

This is one of the more popular essential oils used in cleansing and purifying the body and hair. This oil is extracted from tea tree leaves with a dilution in carrier oil before massaging into the scalp to promote hair growth. The oil works to unblock the sebaceous glands to stimulate the circulation of blood in the scalp. Dead skin cells are eliminated to cause the hair to shine healthily.

2) Peppermint Oil

This essential oil is notably refreshing with a distinctive scent that stems from the extraction of the peppermint plant. It works to stimulate the circulation of blood to the root of the hair to ensure proper nourishment is received. This would promote good hair growth through a simple application of adding a few drops to an organic shampoo or conditioner.

3) Lavender Oil

Lavender oil is sweet with a floral scent that offers a total relaxation to the body and hair that promotes good hair growth. Its extraction from the lavender flower makes it attractive for a sweet scent when applied while it works to prevent dandruff and itching.

4) Lemon Oil

This is a strong favorite as the lemon is commonly found in homes. Lemon oil is extracted from the citrus fruit with a soothing fragrance to refresh the hair strands and follicles. An easy application works from a simple drop of the lemon oil to be mixed with water for improving the health of hair from dull to shine. This essential oil works well on oily hair in removing excess oil to leave the hair fresh and light.

5) Rosemary Oil

Rosemary oil offers a fresh scent on the hair as it stimulates the scalp in a massage therapy. Regular applications of rosemary oil on the hair promote healthy hair growth while dealing with dandruff and dry scaly scalp. The oil works well in stimulating the hair follicles for stronger and longer strands.

6) Myrrh Oil

Myrrh oil is extracted from a resin found in Commiphora plants that grow with low branches. This essential oil works well on dry hair and dry scalp. Dandruff is easily overcome with myrrh oil while activating sebaceous glands to encourage good hair growth.

7) Carrot Oil

Carrot oil is another popular essential oil as carrots are commonly found in local grocery stores. It is rich in carotene and antioxidants to enrich hair follicles to promote healthy hair growth.

8) Chamomile Oil

Chamomile oil is extracted from the Chamomile flower where it is processed into two exotic flavors; German Chamomile and Roman Chamomile. The latter is used to soothe the scalp and hair to prevent dryness and brittleness. It works extremely well for getting rid of lice.

9) Cypress Oil

Cypress essential oil is very effective in treating baldness known as alopecia. Dull and dry hair is transformed with regular applications of cypress oil, especially when the regime includes other essential oils.

Easy Applications

Essential oils could be easily applied on hair to enrich the strands and scalp that would put hair issues at bay when applied on a regular basis. An easy application of preferred essential oils on the hair is just adding a couple of drops of the favorite essential oil into any carrier oil. Apply the solution to the hair with a gentle massage that eases the oil into the scalp and follicles.

The oils could also be used in organic shampoos for the same effect where dirt and grime on the hair would be readily removed. Essential oils for hair could also be applied to unscented hair conditioners in enhancing the softness and shine of the hair and scalp. These essential oils are effective for healthy natural hair to continue its growth and strength.

Another effective application of these essential oils to benefit natural hair growth is to be used as a weekly hot oil treatment. This produces the super shiny hair desired with softness as silk that accounts for easy management.


However, pregnant and nursing women should proceed cautiously in using essential oils during their special conditions due to potential effects on the body systems and growth of the baby. It is advisable for these women to consult their physicians first before applying essential oils which could stimulate the senses and body systems that may not benefit the developing baby.

There may be potential allergies on different people using certain essential oils due to different body system reactions and health conditions. Hence, wise consumers should always conduct a patch test to eliminate potential allergies before use. Consultation with the physician is a smart move before applying essential oils to avoid health repercussions.


There are many benefits of using essential oils for healthy natural hair growth with a myriad of choices in the market or home. Commercialized hair care products and homemade recipes are abundant to serve consumers who are seeking simple hair care solutions to enjoy shiny silky hair.

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