Transitioning from Relaxed to Natural Hair

Transitioning from Relaxed to Natural Hair

Published by Hairobics All Natural on 3rd Apr 2018

Most people take their hair for granted until their crown of glory displays signs of distress such as dryness, scalp problems and tangles. Although our hair keeps growing throughout our lifetime, its growth can be impaired due to many reasons and factors. Ill treatment and harsh weather can cause beautiful natural hair to be strained in their growth process. Hair troubles can arise which may escalate to serious hair loss and irreparable damage if the issues continue to be ignored.

Hair growth process

Hair undergoes a cyclic process from an active Anagen phase of 3-5 years before a resting Catagen phase where new hair replaces shed hair. Most adults experience 50-100 strands of hair shed daily depending on their body system and hair care regime.

Our hair comprises a high percentage of Keratin that boosts its healthiness. A severe shortage leads to impending hair damage and breakage which would easily bring on hair loss. Good hair care is imperative for all individuals to enjoy healthy, beautiful hair, which can be exercised through a healthy balanced diet of the necessary nutrients required by hair follicles to grow well.

Natural hair

Naturally beautiful hair is a sign of good health and a pride of the owner. It can be worn in various ways to show off its shine and beauty. However, not all people can enjoy natural hair as the hair type can be affected by genes, hormonal changes or hair treatments.

It is important for individuals, especially women to appreciate their natural hair, which can be their crown of glory when worn right for the right occasion. Many women tend to be taken in by commercialized hair products which damage their natural hair easily. Natural hair can be very versatile for styling when it is treated rightly with the best of organic hair products regularly.

However, it is possible to transit from relaxed to natural hair to enjoy natural hair beauty with the right hair products and treatments. Transitioning to natural hair is a great option as more styling options are possible and it is a better option for the wearer. The effects of relaxant hair products can be adverse over prolonged applications.

Quick fixes on hair are often not good solutions to maintain healthy hair. Hair relaxers can harm the hair follicle through its harsh chemical contents. It is possible to enjoy natural hair again after a relaxed hair condition with simple rejuvenation steps using organic hair products, both natural and commercialized.

Easy restoration

Women who want to look good all the time without spending too much time on their hair should consider transiting from relaxed to natural hair. They can take proactive actions to restore the natural beauty of their hair easily by avoiding harsh chemicals in substandard hair products through perms and hair coloring treatments.

Natural hair can enjoy easy styling which lasts longer besides being healthier. Regular cuts help to manage the hair to encourage better growth. Good balanced diets are important to nourish the hair follicles and their growth to avoid hair loss or damage.

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